The proxy server is refusing connections

Hi guys,

-          What troubleshooter have you tried?
-          How did you bypass proxy?

I would suggest you to disable the proxy server and check.

a) Press Windows key and the R key to open Run prompt. Type inetcpl.cpl in the Run prompt and press enter.
b) In the "Internet Options" Window that pops up, click the "Connections" tab at the top.
c) Click "LAN Settings" near the bottom of the "Connections" section.
d) If the "Proxy server" checkbox is marked with a check, click it to deselect/uncheck it.
e) Click "Ok" to close the "Local Area Network (LAN) Settings" window.
f) Click "Ok" to close the "Internet Options" Window.

I would also recommend you to perform a full virus scan using the antivirus program installed on the computer or by using Microsoft Safety Scanner as this issue could also occur by malwares.
Safety Scanner Disclaimer: There could be a loss of data while performing a scan using Microsoft safety scanner to eliminate viruses if any.

Hope this information helps. If you have any concerns, please do let us know.

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