A Google Experiment Makes Page Titles Bigger

Google tests a new search interface for desktop that removes underlines from links and increases text size for page titles.

Here's a screenshot that shows both the experimental UI for search results and the standard interface:

Google Chrome Safe Mode

Firefox has an option that lets you temporarily disable themes and extensions, so you can still use your browser even if one of your add-ons is buggy. It's called safe modeand it's "a special Firefox execution mode that can be used to troubleshoot issues in Firefox. In Safe Mode, you can reset some settings or disable add-ons that might be the source of the issue. By comparing Firefox behavior in normal mode to its behavior in Safe Mode with various items disabled, you may be able to diagnose issues."

My Google Chrome Browser is in Problem

Google Chrome's new browser is fast, light and getting rave reviews among its supporters. However, if you're considering adopting Google's new browser, there are some issues you should consider, such as extensions, plug-ins, add-ons and security. Have a question? Get an answer from online tech support now!

Gmail is not working with Apple Mail

Note: This article is designed to help mail server administrators with advanced delivery problems. If you are a Gmail user, check out our articles on sending mail or receiving mail instead.

The proxy server is refusing connections

Hi guys,

-          What troubleshooter have you tried?
-          How did you bypass proxy?

All in One SEO Pack « WordPress Plugins

You can use the built in installer and upgrader, or you can install the plugin manually.

A better way to block proxy servers

Rather than attempt to block proxy servers by who they are (i.e., via their specified domain identity), it is far more expedient and effective to block proxy servers by what they do. By simply blacklisting the various HTTP protocols employed by proxy servers, it is possible to block virtually all proxy connections. Here is the code that I use for stopping 99% of the proxies that attempt to access certain sites: